Product Usage Policy - Crucial to carefully follow Instructions: Back to Home Page
Often installers do not follow install instructions and problems occur such as leakage, noise, excessive flexing of sheet, etc. By placing an order for the Base & Cap System customer agrees to follow install guidelines and details or be responsible for adverse consequences due to not following instructions. Here's an example of what not to do.
• Blocking & Purlins: These terms can have different meanings in different areas of the country and in different trades.To ensure successful framing and installation of polycarbonate it is crucial that we agree upon One Definition. Below is how our details and printed material uses these terms.
Blocking is a small (horizontally running) framing member that is positioned "Between" rafters or studs, and on the same plane.
Purlins are long (horizontally running) frame members that are "Placed on the Outer Surface" of rafters, trusses, posts or other main frame elements. The Base extrusion has sufficient strength to carry the load, acting as a structural support member, supporting the poly at sheet joining locations. Refer to load charts for proper spacing of purlins. Girts are simply purlin like items that are on walls. Purlins are on the roof
High Wind Areas: .Please see Structural Load page for guidelines to follow..
Terminology in General: Kindly refer to our product information and use our terminology in your plans. Expensive mistakes have been made by customers using terms that are appropriate for other products and in other trades, but are not the terminology we use.  We use standard architectural terminology and terms specific to our products.  For this design and construction process we request your gracious compliance to our terminology. Often people call the U-Profiles - Caps instead. They are thinking the U-Profile shape but order Caps. Given that returned aluminum always arrives damaged, returns are not allowed. A costly mistake that can easily be avoided.

Why no vent tape in the drawings? Vent tape is typically used in U-Profiles of plastic that, not only yellow, but also fit loosely. Without vent tape these plastic U-Profiles allow bugs to enter. Our U-Profiles fit tight, vent tape not required. It is important to access our drawings and following these drawings carefully, should you choose to use our Install Systems. Using our components and misc. instructions from others will clearly lead to problems. No other company goes to the length we do to ensure a successful installation. Follow our guidelines to the letter and we ensure a quality installation. Plastic install components are junk. Aluminum will last, and you have a choice of colors.