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- -- .Screw Technology Base, Cap & Body of Sheet
---------Clear Satin Anodized ----------Mill Finish
• Anodized Base & cap for 8mm, 16mm & 25mm, finish commerial grade, 10 yr warranty.
• Anodizing is Class ll ----- Mill Finish is no finish, for for 8mm, 10mm, 16mm & 25mm.
U-Profile for lower edge of roof, top & bottom of side walls (on freestanding greenhouse) or front wall-
(of attached greenhouse), bottom of end walls, around doors, fans, etc.
To Screws & Hardware - -Screws to attach Base to Frame and Cap to Base come with order. -
Screws for Corner, at top & bottom of poly and in body of sheet Purchased Separately.
Counting procedure for screws in body of sheet & perimeter.

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