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• Cap Screws: For 8, 10 & 16mm are 410 Stainless Steel Trilobular Screws, with Silver Stalgard® corrosion resistance finish. Screws for 25mm are Type B 18.8 Stainless, or Trilobular for hurricane zones. Spec. Info at bottom of page.

Trilobular Screws: #2 Phillips-Sq . Out of round tip for swift threading into screw race (receiver). Hurricane Strong! #10-32 thread grabs at 4th thread, 1/16" from tip.

Always Pre-Drill Cap - Self Tapping Screw engages, even when screw set at slight angle. - Tip Design

#10 Type B Screws (25mm only): Blunt tip - #2 Phillips Drive

• Base Screws: For Wood - #8x1-5/8" Tan Deck Type - Corrosion Resistant, even with pressure treated lumber. For Metal - #410 stainless. Type 3 drill point. Max .210" steel or aluminum.

- Cap seals tight. Min. roof pitch 5º or 1/12 pitch, greater if high humidity.

- Silver Stalgard® chrome-free multi-step coating process that combines an inorganic zinc-rich base coat with aluminum-pigmented organic topcoat. The base coat provides protection of steel substrate while thermosetting topcoat creates a durable barrier. This duplex process offers barrier corrosion protection to provide exceptional corrosion resistance. Salt Spray at 1000+ hours with no rust!

- 18.8 Type B Stainless Steel Screws are non-magnetic, as there is very little carbon in the mix. This type of stainless is highly resistant to rust or oxidation.

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